Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Parties

Last Sunday, we attended a birthday party at McDonalds Session Road, Baguio City. Like the usual fastfood parties, everything was within schedule. Two hours to be exact.

As per my friend, the party costs around Php 6000. The food includes the regular Burger McDo,regular French Fries, and regular coke. The package was good for 30 people but they had to add extra for the additional guests. It includes the birthday cake, invitations, tarp, prizes, and giveaways. The party theme was “The Incredibles”. I was expecting the same kind of giveaways for the kids but what we got as prizes were Disney princess coloring book, notepads, and Faeries paper fan, bag, and another coloring book. Most of the prizes are for girls and I have a little boy.

Anyway, the party ended up A-OK. The host was quite good. My son J-Ron enjoyed it even though he didn’t move during the game (he joined one but he just stood there and smiled at me – just proud to actually join!). I’m looking forward for another one. I’m trying to guess who’s next...

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