Monday, January 19, 2009


Its been quite a while that I have been thinking what type of blog to write about...I have erased several blogs I have written before...starting with VIEW FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE up to DEAR DIARY (which I finally decided as the most corny title I had). I never considered blogging as a hobby...I love to read blogs of my friends but me writing one was out of the question...

But here I am, starting my own and found it amusing to write and express what I feel. I know not everyone has a talent for it but I believe everyone has the chance and right to do it. Writing can be a form of relaxation and free you out of stress. There's nothing wrong in expressing yourself and letting other people know how you feel. I just want to feel confident about myself and ready to face whatever there is in store for me in the future.

Have a chocolate filled day!

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