Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its My Rest Day

I'm here at SM Baguio currently writing this blog. Too bad, I still don't have internet connection and of course my own laptop or desktop computer to do this job at home. Maybe that still makes it a case I have the connection at home, I might not go to sleep at all. I work in a call center, I'm used to being awake the whole night.

I left my son and his nanny at the kid's playground. I paid Php 90 for the one hour play time. This type of "In mall" play area is very efficient. It gives me time to go around and check out some stuff or visit the internet shop during that hour. Of course, it's not advisable to leave your child alone. Always make sure that there is someone to look after them. The three most important thing to remember when going to this area is to have them wear socks (we don't want other children's sweat stick into our child's feet), bring extra clothes and alcohol (always disinfect them after), and lastly treat them out to a merienda or dinner afterwards. For sure, your child will be hungry.

That gives around 15 minutes to get to him...CIAO!

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