Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama – New USA President

Barrack Obama’s leadership over USA is now official.

I wasn’t able to watch his oath taking since I was at work but I got a chance to read through it at the CNN news online. Over two million people came just to watch one of the most important events in the history of America. A new President mean a new future for them, new hopes, and a better life.

USA has suffered a lot from the recession. Everyone is hoping that this would end and their lives to return back to normal. Working in a BPO industry (Call Center in simple terms), I have heard a lot of complaints, anger, and frustration from our American customers. They want their jobs back and stop outsourcing. I’m not in the position to criticize them or provide them a direct answer. I know and understand how they feel. In our case, we are also afraid of losing our jobs. I remember Obama saying during his campaign that he wants to get the jobs back to the Americans. I fully understand his plans. I don’t what will happen in the future but I’m hoping for the best.

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