Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recycling: A Hobby

Recycling has been a hobby for me.

It started out when I was a college student. I was broke during that time. The only thing I can think of to make money was to sell junk items from the house. I started collecting all the plastic containers around the house then moved on to old magazines then white scratch papers. From there, I learned we can make money out of trash.

Ever since, I started to sell recyclable items to junk shops. I don’t throw plastic bottles and paper right away. I made sure everything is sorted and placed in separate packages ready for selling. I learned that selling clean bottles are more expensive than just selling it as it is. You need to sort white bond paper from magazines and colored papers. You can even sell tin cans. Just make you wash them before doing so. The most expensive to sell are colas in can. Since the can is made of aluminum, you can sell this for about Php 30-50 per kilo. One sack of aluminum can is about 10 kilos.

This is the kind of hobby you can do everyday and will not bore you. At least you earn extra and still help our environment to become a better place.

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