Friday, February 27, 2009

Can't Make Up My Mind

Yesterday, I just told the world that I am leaving my part time job. Now, I need to tell everyone that I am confused and not sure if I am making the right decision.

I haven't told my boss about it. I just told him that I need a new schedule due to the daylight savings time (DST) in the US. If I can't have a new schedule then I would need to leave. I was shocked when he told me that he'll talk to the general manager about my dilemma. After 10 minutes of waiting in agony, he said that I have a new schedule. I was like "OKAY!". I didn't know how to go about it!

Just give me some more time...maybe I'll have my final decision...I hope the answers come soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Say "Goodbye"!

I am leaving my part time job. Yes...I have made my decision and I'm going for it on the first week of March.

There are a lot of factors I have considered before arriving to this decision.

First is my family. I have been spending lesser and lesser time with my Big Boy (he said I couldn't call him baby anymore). I work graveyard. When I get home, my tendency is to go straight to bed. I am unable to cook for their food just like before and I'm missing it. I feel I cook better than my yaya.

Second reason, my health has detriorated. Our company held a blood letting activity last February 20 and I was "DEFERRED!". My blood was too dense they said because I was so STRESSED out. I have good intentions on why I wanted to donate but I was not fit.

My last straw was work. Working in a call center, we follow US time and its that time of the year when Daylight Savings Time (DST) takes place. I need to report to work one hour earlier starting March 9. My current schedule will not work. I have no other choice. I have to choose between a company I have been with for more than five years and a part time job barely a month old.

I have to go!!! I need to keep that in mind. This job is really easy and very feasible for me. I earn a good amount of extra money. I need to find something more workable...maybe that's why I'm blogging (big smirk!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pay Per Click - Earn Money?

I have seen a lot of pay per click websites online and I got a little bit curious in trying it out. I have found several sites which seems interesting and read some blogs and experiences of people online who actually earns from it. I just chose the sites highly recommended and those who actually pay. I'll post the "referral links" soon...if I get a chance to remember it (LOL!!!)

I just told myself...what the heck! Just try it out. It's for harm done on my end.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Body Piercing

As per Wikipedia, Body piercing is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn. Body piercing is a form of body modification.

I only have one part of body ears!!!! I'm planning to have like three piercing in each ear so I can wear like three earrings at one time.

This navel piercing was recently done by one of my friends. I accidently learned about it when I almost hit her tummy. It was barely two weeks old when I took the picture and got really curious. She also have her tongue pierced. Cool!

I have no plans of having one like this but I get so excited when I see one.

My Home Sweet Home at Work

Since I am working the graveyard shift (night time!) desk became my comfort zone. A lot of things happen in this area...from admin work to coaching my agents to unexpected meetings. Here's what it looks like at the start and end of my shift

START OF SHIFT - usually around 10:00pm but for now I come in at 11:30pm. My table would be full of folders and papers with a mug full of coffee to keep me alive throughout the night

END OF SHIFT - I leave the office at around 8:00 am to 8:30am. I'm considered an "OC" when it comes to clean desk policy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Burnham Adventure

The weather in Baguio was just right. We had a fun day at the Market Encounter followed by a fun ride at the Bump Cars (reminiscing childhood days...). And we all came straight from work.


My Boss Valentines and Birthday Celebration

Last February 14,our account's senior director, Dan Moldenhauer,celebrated his 33rd birthday.

It was a simple 70's Retro themed birthday party. The most exciting part is watching your boss dance...Watch and see

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Time

Having two jobs right now, I've realized how important my free time is. I make sure that I spend my weekend with my son. My family has been my motivation to work harder and strive for a better future.

When I was younger, I'm guilty that I took advantage of a lot of things. I was young, felt very free, and wanted to experience everything that life can offer. Now, I realize that everything will not work the way you wanted it to be. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice and weigh things.

I love my life and my family. I don't want to feel pressured. I want everything done because I want to.

(Feeling senti today....)

Monday, February 16, 2009

No Call No Show Policy

No Call No Show Policy.

Have you heard about this policy before?

If you work in a call center, then you may be familiar with this policy.

A no call no show policy or NCNS is tagged against employees who fail to call in for their absence. Working in a call center requires employees to work on time all the time. In case they won't be able to report to work, they need call their work force management at least two hours before (depending on the policy of the company). This is being done so work force can manage the number of employees per interval who can manage the whole shift.

Call centers earn depending on how they are being paid by their clients which of course depends on the contract signed by both parties. They can be paid per headcount of the account, per the number of calls an agent receives, per hour/interval regardless of the number of calls coming in, or if an agent hits the sales target required. This means that every single centavo is based on the employee reporting to work and doing his or her job.

A lot of people have been taking their work at call centers for granted. There are some who hops from one call center to another but has made a lot of unexcused absences with their previous company. These are kept on the employees 201 file but never cascaded with another company. Banks or employers just validate whatever is indicated on an employee's certificate of employment and what HR does is to validate those information.

As per the Philippine Labor code, if an employee fails to report to work three days in a row (usually NCNS), they are tagged as AWOl or being absent without leave.

We need to take care of our job and make sure that we enjoy evey part of it. With the things happening in our ecoomy right now, we are never sure on where the path would be leading us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dr. Fish

One of the coolest thing I have discovered last December was the Fish Spa located inside the Manila Ocean Park. The fishes are called doctor fish since it eats the dead skin off your feet.

It's fun to watch the fishes nibble your dead skin and callus. It has a tingling sensation at first but after a few minutes, you'll find everything so relaxing and so interesting to watch.

The Dr. Fish was discovered when a man dipped his feet with wounds in water. The dr. fish nibbled through the man's wound which gave him the interest on what the fish was doing. After several visits back to the water area, the man's wound healed. It was believed that the fishes contributed a lot to it.

If you have the time, you may visit the Fish Spa. You are getting the benefit of your feet being cleaned the natural way and at the same time you're feeding the fishes!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Relaxing Sunday Afternoon

I recorded this video sideways thinking I can rotate it but...I was wrong. Anyway, it still shows that my little boy have been enjoying his day and always looking forward to my rest day. Sunday is usually the only day that I can really take him out. I fall asleep easily after my shift Saturday morning and wake up around 6:00 pm.

It was an exciting sunday afternoon. I was suppose to take my son to his pedia for check up. He has been having colds for the past two days and I wanted a fast and better cure for him. Anyway, I'm behind his monthly check since J-Ron hates doctors and nurses - let's say people who wears "ALL WHITE" clothing.

J-Ron loves playing at the Bounce around playgrounds where you have to pay like Php100 for a 30 minute play time. He gets so excited once we remove his shoes. He jumps off to the play area without any hesitation. Too bad, I learned too late that the same kind of play area is available at the skating rink in Burnham Park. It cost less than half the price...Php30 per 15 minutes which is equal to Php60 for one hour.

We also watched a cultural show at SM City Baguio. These type of shows have been going around the city for the past week because of the Panagbenga Festival. It's actually fun to watch. I wanted J-Ron to be exposed to such events so as not to be ignorant when he grows up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

PANAGBENGA 2009 Event Schedule

I got this Panagbenga 2009 schedule at

I encourage everyone to visit Baguio soon and join the FUN!

The famous FLOAT PARADE will be on March 1.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Recession Affecting the call center industry?

The call center industry has been around for quite sometime. I can personally prove that it has been a booming business having stayed with my present company for the past five years.
A lot of people have been asking me if the declared recession in the US is currently affecting call centers. There is only one answer I have given so far that is a big NO. Hopefully that would remain as it is in the years to come.

Here are my reasons:

1. US companies has been sufferring a lot of losses due to the change in the status of their economy. Costs have been soaring up high and has contributed a lot to the closure of their company. A lot of US companies has come to the Philippines, India, or Singapore to outsource. They find this more cost effective. They can save up of 70% on labor cost alone.

2. Some accounts pull out not because they can't pay or the cost has been too high. They pull out of companies who can't meet the standards that they have set. Each account has its own metrics that the team has to meet. That's why some companies have a 90 days trial period to measure the progress of the agents. They meet every 30 days for evaluation.

The BPO industry still remains promising and guarantees a lot of people to have a secured job.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rubber Duckies

Looking at the two rubber duckies on top of work table, I can’t help but smile. Both were given by a new found friend from the US. The first duck wears a snorkel and a pair of goggles. The other duck wears a baby cap of different colors. They look so cute in their yellow body and orange beak.

Now I can’t get the song off my head…”Rubber ducky…you’re the one…you make bath time lots of fun!”

Accident at Tarlac

After my weekend getaway in Pampanga (I just had to visit my father and sister since I wasn't able to visit them last Christmas or New Year), we met with an unfortunate accident in Pampanga. I filed for a vacation leave last monday so I could have some ample time to rest and not hurry ourselves back to Baguio.

We left the house at around 5:00pm and got in to the Genesis bus bound for Baguio at around 6:00pm. I'm pretty sure that it will be a five hour drive going north so I grabbed something to eat from Jollibee at the Dau Terminal (terminal food can be so expensive and doesn't taste great at all!). The reason I chose Genesis (there was Victory Liner and Five Star buses at the Terminal) is because it is less expensive and it can bring us to Baguio at a shorter time with one stop only.

We reached the Genesis tarlac terminal at around 8:00pm, I went to restroom then and grabbed some donuts for J-Ron. I need to keep him busy for the next three hours since that was our fitst and last stop.

I was quite sleepy at around 8:30pm, just before I was about to fall asleep...there is a loud "BANG" at the back of the bus. After that, most of the people sitting at back stood up and shouted "NABANGGA TAYO!". As Filipinos, we love to look at what happened. All the passengers went down the bus (except like 4 of us) to check on the damage.

There's a big dent at the back of the bus. It was big truck that hit us in the highway. It was pretty scary since the area where the accident happened doesn't have street lights. There was one big house there but the neighbors seems miles and miles away. The windshield of the truck was gone. There was a lot of shattered glass on the highway. The Genesis bus we were in had a big dent at the back. The bus can't travel all the way to Baguio now. We waited for about 30 minutes to have the bus replaced.

Lesson learned: never sit on the front most or back most partt of a bus. Accident may happen anytime. Let's be thankful that were still alive.