Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Accident at Tarlac

After my weekend getaway in Pampanga (I just had to visit my father and sister since I wasn't able to visit them last Christmas or New Year), we met with an unfortunate accident in Pampanga. I filed for a vacation leave last monday so I could have some ample time to rest and not hurry ourselves back to Baguio.

We left the house at around 5:00pm and got in to the Genesis bus bound for Baguio at around 6:00pm. I'm pretty sure that it will be a five hour drive going north so I grabbed something to eat from Jollibee at the Dau Terminal (terminal food can be so expensive and doesn't taste great at all!). The reason I chose Genesis (there was Victory Liner and Five Star buses at the Terminal) is because it is less expensive and it can bring us to Baguio at a shorter time with one stop only.

We reached the Genesis tarlac terminal at around 8:00pm, I went to restroom then and grabbed some donuts for J-Ron. I need to keep him busy for the next three hours since that was our fitst and last stop.

I was quite sleepy at around 8:30pm, just before I was about to fall asleep...there is a loud "BANG" at the back of the bus. After that, most of the people sitting at back stood up and shouted "NABANGGA TAYO!". As Filipinos, we love to look at what happened. All the passengers went down the bus (except like 4 of us) to check on the damage.

There's a big dent at the back of the bus. It was big truck that hit us in the highway. It was pretty scary since the area where the accident happened doesn't have street lights. There was one big house there but the neighbors seems miles and miles away. The windshield of the truck was gone. There was a lot of shattered glass on the highway. The Genesis bus we were in had a big dent at the back. The bus can't travel all the way to Baguio now. We waited for about 30 minutes to have the bus replaced.

Lesson learned: never sit on the front most or back most partt of a bus. Accident may happen anytime. Let's be thankful that were still alive.

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