Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Say "Goodbye"!

I am leaving my part time job. Yes...I have made my decision and I'm going for it on the first week of March.

There are a lot of factors I have considered before arriving to this decision.

First is my family. I have been spending lesser and lesser time with my Big Boy (he said I couldn't call him baby anymore). I work graveyard. When I get home, my tendency is to go straight to bed. I am unable to cook for their food just like before and I'm missing it. I feel I cook better than my yaya.

Second reason, my health has detriorated. Our company held a blood letting activity last February 20 and I was "DEFERRED!". My blood was too dense they said because I was so STRESSED out. I have good intentions on why I wanted to donate but I was not fit.

My last straw was work. Working in a call center, we follow US time and its that time of the year when Daylight Savings Time (DST) takes place. I need to report to work one hour earlier starting March 9. My current schedule will not work. I have no other choice. I have to choose between a company I have been with for more than five years and a part time job barely a month old.

I have to go!!! I need to keep that in mind. This job is really easy and very feasible for me. I earn a good amount of extra money. I need to find something more workable...maybe that's why I'm blogging (big smirk!)

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