Monday, March 23, 2009

The BEST Job in the World

I was watching the news last weekend when I heard about "The Best Job in The World". Over 34,000 applicants all over the world applied for it and now its down to the Top 50 candidates. The Tourism Queensland already chose their Top 10 candidates for the job and now they are looking for one Wild Card Applicant.

The salary - a whoooping $145,000...for us Filipinos, that's about Php 4.7 million. A lot of money at stake.

The job - become an Island Caretaker for six months and they need to blog all their daily experience at the Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Let's help make the dream of someone come true. Just visit the site and vote. Voting closes at 11:59pm UTC 24 March

1 comment:

Dazediva said...

That sounds absolutely divine right about now !!! Can I apply ??? :)