Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for FREE Online Photo Album

I'm looking for an online photo album with unlimited photo storage and with an easy share and easy upload feature. I'm not sure if this is too much especially if I'm looking for something for FREE. I have tried www.myphotoalbum.com but after one year of free usage, I guess they are requiring you to become a member for $20 a year. Right now I am using www.picasaweb.google.com but I only have 1 MB free storage and I'm almost up with my limit and have to pay extra. I really don't want to use multiply or flicker.

I'll just continue my search online...

Hopefully I can find what I am looking for...maybe you can help me?!


Kinipela said...

You may want to try photobucket. They are free and I have ALOT of photos on there without having to pay extra money. Hope this helps. =)

Dazediva said...

Hey .. have you tried www.kodakgallery.com ?? It's free, you can upload as many pics as you like; all they ask is you make one purchase every 12 months (maybe a print, mug, etc)

Hope this helps !

Dazediva said...

hey ... got another one for you .. www.shutterfly.com - brilliant !

Kree-ations said...

Hi Pretzel,
This is Kree-ations - I left you a positive feedback on Link Referral and you did the same for me :-)

I have set up a webstite for my daughter on Freewebs (www.freewebs.com) and I can use it like you do on Facebook - I can set it up so that members of my family and selected friends can see the pics and no-one else. The plus of this is that on the home page which I have left visible I have a link to my websites which could possibly mean more site traffic! It is free to use Freewebs but you do get limited amounts of space - so far with my main website, I have used very little of my available space and there is heaps of info on the site :-)

Hope it helps :-)