Sunday, April 12, 2009

Batman Superman

I read this joke online. I didn't get it at first until I saw the attachment.

AIRPORT SECURITY: What's your name?
AS: Your real name, please.
P: My name IS Batman.
AS: Are you trying to be funny?! What's your surname?
P: Superman.

Airport security handcuffs him & puts him in a locked security facility. Then they checked his passport.

Poor Kid!


Mimi said...

This is really a poor kid. Can't imagine having been named like that and all the troubles you can have because of that name.

pehpot said...

poor kid talaga lalo na pag napunta sya sa US.. why on Earth his parents would name him as such.. hay naku.. napaka creative hehe

dropping by from LR :)

Make or Break

Musikero said...

LOL! What are his parents thinking? Poor kid. Should petition for a name change.

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