Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Death of Micahel Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson stunned everyone. The king of pop is gone and the only thing that remains is his life story and music. He has played a big part in the recording industry with unforgettable songs like Thriller, Bad, and Ben. As per the news that came out, he was found in a state of coma at his rented house in California and may have died of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest,commonly known as heart attack, is one of the most deadly and a silent killer.

People were so busy reading news about his sudden death when in fact this is his second death. News of the police finding the body of the real Michael Jackson buried in his own ranch, Neverland, became a headline in the internet. Based on the investigation, Michael Jackson died 15 to 20 years ago from 2005. Evidence was based on his dental and DNA records.

Now, I'm having second thoughts on who is who.

Who is the real Michael Jackson?

With two corpses on the news

...let's just pray for both of them that they may rest in peace.


Ruby Red said...

I have never heard of any news about the death of a real Michael Jackson years ago. That is probably just a hoax.

BIO said...

Yes it was just a hoax as I posted on my own tribute post to MJ in my blog.